We designed WingtraOne to help you make better decisions

If data fuels the 21st century, we provide you the tool to extract it safely, accurately and efficiently. With our technologically superior drone, we pursue the ideal to make a positive global footprint on a large scale. We enable people to make better decisions through safer, faster and more professional aerial data collection.

At Wingtra we develop, produce and commercialize drones that combine the ease of use of agile multicopters with the long range of high endurance fixed-wing aircrafts.

Our drone WingtraOne carries the best in class sensors that collect survey-grade aerial data. This technologically superior VTOL drone is used by mapping professionals in application that range from surveying and mining to wildlife monitoring.

Wingtra has grown to become an international company with distribution partners in 5 continents, 1000+ customer flights and a very first VTOL drone to be equipped with professional aerial photography sensors.

Wingtra was founded in 2016

… as a spin-off of Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart’s Autonomous Systems Lab, at ETH Zurich in Switzerland. The project is rooted in years of ambitious robotic research in vertical take-off & landing technology of tail-sitting UAVs where its control algorithms enable autonomous transition from hovering to plane-like flying.

The team of Wingtranauts

… is located in Zürich – a vibrant city also known as the Silicon Valley of robotics. Its ever growing multinational team is an eclectic blend of young entrepreneurs, brilliant minded software developers and engineers, service-oriented sales and dedicated technical support, who share a common vision of what the future of unmanned aerial robots should look like.

Management Team

Basil Weibel

Basil Weibel

Founder & CRO

Armin Ambühl

Armin Ambühl


Elias Kleimann

Elias Kleimann

Founder & CFO

Maximilian Boosfeld

Maximilian Boosfeld

Founder & CEO

Cyril Halter

Cyril Halter


Wingtra Headquarter

Giesshübelstrasse 40
8045 Zürich


Become a Wingtranaut!

This is the time to get on board and shape the way humans will interact with the world tomorrow.

The Wingtra Mission
  • Wingtra aims to have a positive impact for the human condition on a large scale – think global impact. We do this through technology and robots.
  • We help people to provide information and to transport goods using aerial robots.
On this mission, we have the following core values:
  • We Work for Humans: Wingtra is a human company. Individuals do matter. We want to enable people who use our product and at Wingtra. Wingtra offers fulfilling jobs to Wingtranauts.
  • We are Special Humans: We are a group of individuals, who are excellent in their jobs and respective fields. We are curious, love to learn and solve problems.
  • Data, Voice, and Transparency: In our communication, data and statistics trumps arguments, and arguments trump opinions. Everybody has a voice and has the right, to present her arguments or information. We are honest and transparent. As default, a Wingtranaut has access to everything.
  • Bias for Action, Change and Innovation: We favor doing and get shit done. We never stop challenging the status quo. We improve and change continuously personally and as organization. We embrace a changing world.

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