The app made specifically for
the WingtraOne
Smart, Safe, Efficient


The app made specifically for
the WingtraOne
Smart, Safe, Efficient

How WingtraPilot works

WingtraPilot is the intuitive user interface to manage WingtraOne’s data acquisition process. It includes various ways to plan missions, monitor and revise the mission during flight and inspect the data output in the field. Specifically tailored for the WingtraOne, WingtraPilot is extremely easy to use without compromising on required features. WingtraPilot comes pre-installed on a Samsung Android tablet which is included in each drone package and can be used right away.





  • In-app drawing, load & saved missions
  • Inflight monitoring & emergency commands
  • On field data inspector & georeferencing
  • Georeferenced aerial images


Increase mission success through smart planning

WingtraPilot is designed from ground up to maximise successful aerial data acquisition. Before the flight, WingtraPilot guarantees full functionality of the drone by running background checks like battery health, GPS reception and test images. It displays an interactive checklist that guides the operator through the preflight process and catches oversights like not removing the camera lid.

Missions can be planned either by importing KML and shapefiles directly from a GIS program or by simply selecting the area of interest with a tap on the screen of the tablet. With its integrated global terrain model, WingtraPilot ensures the best reconstruction results by maintaining constant altitude above the surveying site. The terrain following function also prevents collisions with the ground even in the most mountainous areas.


Put safety first in operations

WingtraPilot ensures the highest safety standards for the operator and the equipment. After the operator confirms the mission on WingtraPilot, the WingtraOne executes take-off, aerial image capturing and landing without needing any human interaction. Its software checks continuously for restricted flight areas, GPS reception, battery health and operating temperatures. In case of abnormal conditions WingtraPilot automatically triggers immediate return to home (RTH), which makes the WingtraOne abort the mission and land at the take-off point.

During the entire flight, WingtraPilot provides the operator with live feedback up to 8 km distance. The user can intervene at any time and abort the mission by commanding return to home (RTH) from the tablet.

Exploit an efficient workflow

WingtraPilot and the WingtraOne are engineered to make the data acquisition workflow as lean as possible. For time saving and consistent results of recurring surveys, saved missions can be loaded with a single click. Thanks to its ready-to-fly configuration, the WingtraOne is set up for take-off on the field in less than 5 minutes, including all preflight steps and planning a simple mission. The battery swap and resume functionality allows one to plan large missions as a whole and reduces time needed in between flights to the bare minimum.

All aerial images and geolocation information is stored on a single SD card and can be inspected in the field on the WingtraPilot tablet for early quality checks. WingtraPilot offers the ability to georeference images of multiple flights at the end of the day to minimize idle time on site. The results are compatible with all major stitching and analysis tools:


WingtraPilot Features

Free software updates regularly enabling new features and stability improvements
Mission Planning create in app flight plans, load existing missions or import KML data
KML import for seamless mission import from GIS programs
Advanced mission planning multi area planning & zero overlap for population counting algorithms
Offline Functionality ability to pre-load maps for full offline operation in the field
Automated pre-flight checks guarantees battery health, GPS reception, leveled take-off spot
Interactive checklist guides the operator for efficient and safe operation
Terrain Following global terrain model for constant flight altitude & obstacle avoidance
Battery Swap & Resume automatically splits large missions & resumes after batteries have been swapped
Beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) full mission capability even without connection to the ground station
Intelligent wind control advanced control algorithms handle wind no matter how the mission was planned
Adaptive Geofence allows to dynamically constrain radius of operation to prevent fly-aways
Intelligent RTH automatically detects low battery or too high winds & safely returns to home
Real time monitoring displays information like flight location, altitude & mission progress up to 8km
Intuitive Altitude Display graphically displays absolute flight altitude as well as flight altitude & terrain elevation above ground
Smart Voice provides comprehensive audio feedback to the operator during the mission
Operator Intervention operator can take command at any time with one click & return to home
Single SD card workflow eliminates risk of mismatched or lost data even for the PPK workflow
Multi-flight geotagging allows to georeference all flights at the end of the day & save time on the field
PPK data handling manages correction step for CORS or local base station networks
Postprocessing agnostic fully compatible with all known mapping software including geotag file formats. Pix4D recommended
Logs on Demand remote system diagnosis for premium class support

WingtraPilot Features



Industry leading photogrammetry software for professional mapping applications with the WingtraOne:

  • Access one-click image processing
  • Create georeferenced orthomosaics, 3D point clouds & digital surface models
  • Run volume calculations, display contour lines and 3D textured models
  • Use both desktop & cloud processing options
  • Link to sample maps and 3D models