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WingtraOne Bundle

What’s in the WingtraOne Bundle?
What’s in the WingtraOne Bundle?
  • WingtraOne drone ready to fly & carrying sleeve (backpack)
  • Payload camera of choice, fully integrated
  • Tablet with pre-installed ground control software WingtraPilot
  • Remote control & telemetry modules
  • Charging station, 2x Sets of batteries
  • Pilot Case for accessories & spare parts (1 pair of propellers, 1 pitot tube)
Swiss support 365 days a year
Swiss support 365 days a year
  • Free online support & live chat
  • Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin), German
  • Extensive knowledge base
  • Video tutorials & best practices

Additional Products

RGB cameras Sony RX1RII Sony QX1 20mm Voigtländer lens, 15mm
Specialty Cameras Micasense Rededge-M Flir Duo Pro R
Other Wingtra PPK Module Hardcase Pix4D License

Additional Products


Sony QX1 20mm

Voigtländer lens, 15mm

Micasense Rededge-M

Flir Duo Pro R

Wingtra PPK Module


Pix4D License


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We ship worldwide from Switzerland. We also work with local resellers that we are happy to connect you with.
We do not sell individual parts on a standalone basis. As a customer you can order accessories and spare parts.
English, German and Mandarin Chinese.


This depends on the time you spend in hover or cruise. The hover mode is more energy intensive and therefore reduces flight time more than cruise. The WingtraOne is designed to fly up to 55 min.
The drone provides a return to home function. It gives the user a warning as soon as battery remaining is below 35% and returns to home autonomously as soon as the battery remaining goes below 25%.
In fully autonomous missions, the WingtraOne can land with GPS-accuracy. For full auto missions, we recommend a landing radius of 5 m. You can increase landing accuracy by switching to the Assisted Mode and land the drone manually.


You cannot trigger the camera manually or in hover-mode. The drone is built and optimized for forward-flight mapping missions.
One of our pre-flight checks is triggering of the camera. We’ve never had the case of a camera passing this test but failing to trigger in flight. The camera is set to manual focus, fixed on infinity.
This depends on the sensor you choose. For the professional Sony QX1 the fastest triggering interval without trigger losses is less than 1 second. For high resolution maps we recommend our high-end sensor.
In the future, we will integrate more sensors/cameras that are available on the market. Which one will depend on the demand that we get. Let us know if you have any specific preferences!
We will integrate more sensors in the future, depending on the demand that we get. From our payload capacity of 800 g, LIDAR sensors could definitely be integrated.