Wingtra Press Kit

Wingtra Logos .zip
WingtraOne Product Images .zip
WingtraOne Action Images .zip

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Product Information

WingtraOne Tech Specs Summary .pdf
Wingtra Tech Specs Detailed .pdf
WingtraOne Facts & Features .pdf
WingtraOne PPK Accuracy (White Paper) .pdf
WingtraOne Camera Specs .pdf
WingtraOne Product Brochure (2017) for Print .pdf
WingtraOne Product Brochure (2017) for Web .pdf

Data Samples & Maps

High resolution & coverage proof, RX1RII, 130Ha, GSD 1.0 cm/px Link on Drive
Swiss Quarry, PPK, RX1RII, GSD 1 cm/px, RMS XY 1.0 cm Link on Drive
Las Vegas Airstrip, RX1RII, GSD 0.9 cm/px Link on Drive
Swiss Mountains 3000 m AMSL, RX1RII, 3D reconstruction, 300 ha Link on Drive
Urban river and island mapping, QX1/20mm, GSD 2.8 cm/px Link on Drive
Swiss Mountain with 1000m altitude difference, RX1RII, 750Ha Link on Drive
Swiss Forest, Multispectral RedEdge, NDVI Link on Drive
RGB Camera Comparison Link on Drive